Fliip Football®
Tabletop Football Game
for Two Players

Unique Fliip play solution.

Just follow the arrow!
Runs are solid and passes are dashed.
Creates easy fast-paced gameplay.

Ready. Set. Fliip! ™ 

Gameplay matches real football stats.

Realistic results are built into the game. Outcomes match real football averages at the possession and game levels.

Offense and Defense.

Each team has 12 offense and 12 defense plays. Offense and defense can choose their personnel and can be either aggressive or conservative.  Offense can pick from run or pass plays.  Defense can pick a focus area of the field.

Special Teams.

Each team has three kick tables for kick-offs, punts, and field goals.  These tables are used with three dice and the results match real football stats.

Down-and-Distance Markers.

These cards work like the lines projected onto the field during televised games. Use them to keep track of the down-and-distance on the field mat. Included in the RedBlue game-set.

Fast paced games.

Four possessions per side is a quick 30 minute game. Eight possessions per side is a 60 minute game. Fliip is designed for quick easy fun so a quick pace of 20 to 40 seconds per play should develop.



This gameset matches a run-oriented Grey team against a pass-oriented Orange team. It includes OrangeGrey versions of everything inside the RedBlue game-set with upgraded down-and-distance markers and Skills. Skills can change Fliip outcomes and are drafted to customize your team.
  • 48 offense and defense play cards (4″ x 6″).
  • Six special-teams kick tables (4" x 6").
  • One football field play-mat (6″ x 24″).
  • Two upgraded distance markers.
  • Instruction booklets and quick start guide.
  • Three dice.
  • Two down and two bench tokens.
  • 44 skill tokens.
Skills can be used with OrangeGrey and RedBlue.

Available now.



This gameset includes the balanced Red and Blue teams (play cards and kick tables) along with everything you need to play Fliip.
  • 48 offense and defense play cards (4″ x 6″).
  • Six special-teams kick tables (4" x 6").
  • One football field play-mat (6″ x 24″).
  • Five down and distance markers.
  • Instruction booklet and quick start guide.
  • Three dice.
Sold Out! Second edition in design.



This expansion will include additional skills to customize your team and game-play.

Blitz with special defense play-cards. Put the offense on a clock for their final drive or deny them a personnel group. Enable skill substitutions and trades. Draft specialized first-round skills. Use pre-snap-read tables for expert play-calling.

YellowBlack will include new skills (not two new teams) which can be used with RedBlue and OrangeGrey.

In design.


Thank you for your interest in Fliip Football.  We wanted to make a quality game that plays like real football while being easy to learn and play.  We hope you like it.  If you have questions or if you need any replacement parts, you can email us at…


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Caliber Creative

We are so proud of the awarding winning art (DSVC and PrintMag) in Fliip Football as prepared by our friends at Caliber Creative in Dallas, Texas. Check out the Fliip page on their website along with the rest of their portfolio.
Caliber Creative
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